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Part two of Sascha's Jordan soaking review focuses solely on Hammamat Ma`in hot springs, arguably one of the globe's top hot springs. For instance it was the winner of World's Best Mineral & Hot Springs Spa 2015 (source). And there are many more accolades, mostly due to the stunning surroundings of this hot spring.

Aside from Sascha's rapport, there's a lot of additional info out there. Here are just a few:
Here's Sascha's report: 
These hot springs are the most well-known hot springs in Jordan, and are probably the most beautiful. The particular aspect of this hot spring region is that each hot spring has a different presentation. 
The best way to discover the Ma`in hot springs is driving to Hammamat Ma`in where you have to pay an entrance fee of 15 JD (around 20 EUR) and per person (which is definitively overpriced, but Jordan is in general not a cheap country).
This entrance fee gives [you] the right to [access] several public pools which are fed by a hot waterfall. The pools are around 40°C warm, but the unique thing is that the water falls directly on a bank where you can lie on. Depending where you decide to lie, the hot water gives a rainfall effect or a strong massage effect.
The combination of the hot waterfall and cooler winds that come from the Dead Sea, is extremely relaxing and you do not want to leave this wonderful place.
Apart from the hot waterfall and the pools, there is also a sauna cave behind the waterfall. This whole area is accessible for men and women, a second small waterfall exists exclusively for women.
The waterfall is accessible to the public from 8 a.m. to 10 p.m., but if you stay in the Hammamat Ma`In [Hot Springs] Resort and Spa close the waterfalls, you have already access from 6 a.m. and you can be sure to be alone. I can only recommend to stay some nights in the hotel which is quite comfortable and offers a good buffet. Try to avoid Fridays or local holidays and negotiate the price in the hotel. Hotel guests do not have to pay the entrance fee and have in addition access to another hot spring pool that belongs to the hotel. The hotel pool is nothing natural except the thermal water (40°C), but staying in the hotel gives the opportunity to hike to river which is fed by warm water (around 35-38°C).
As the only access seems to be by passing the official hotel entrance, there is no littering and you will probably alone. The water flows quite rapidly, i.e. there are not a lot of pools, however, the advantage of that is there are only few algae on the ground. No sulphur smell at all. The landscape is quite stunning and it is a real pleasure to find your own place in the hot river.
My evaluation: 4 of 5 stars

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