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Hot spring hunting continues 😱☺️ I think this one is my absolute favorite! Soaking in warm water with this view 👌🏼 #Iceland
Let's start this news update with what seems a totally unnatural situation. 

Iceland's Blue Lagoon hot spring is the epitome of unnaturalness as it comprises thermal waters discarded from a nearby geothermal power plant to cool down. From a ramshackle state of affairs it's evolved to be the icon of soaking and a symbol of Iceland. Heavily touristed, if anything it proves that soaking is popular way to pass time and stands as a question of why not elsewhere in Europe.

Now financial pundits have been putting a value on  the Blue Lagoon? 96 million $US has been offered for a 30% stake in Blue Lagoon. So reports Think Geoenergy (Jul. 12). That's a hefty sum for what's essentially a large pool with free geothermal hot water and a hotel restaurant connected.
'The growth of the Blue Lagoon has been enormous in recent years. There was no change last year, but the company’s income totalled EUR 77.2 million (ISK 10.3 billion, or around $81 million), based on the average exchange rate of the euro in 2016, increasing by more than 43 percent between years. In 2012, the Blue Lagoon’s income in comparison amounted to only EUR 25 million. For the first time, the number of visits reached over a million last year, with 1,122,000 visitors to the Blue Lagoon in 2016, about 200,000 more than the previous year. Revenues from bath guests amounted to about EUR 45 million, or about 58 percent of the Blue Lagoon’s total income'.
It shows that there's big money to be had in the soaking biz and understandably such would initiate a scramble elsewhere to seek likewise financial gains. With the exception of Iceland itself, little modernization is taking place in Europe, so we may be spared; the old and poorly developed hot soaks remaining. But for how long?

Morning shower at a secret hot spring waterfall somewhere in Iceland ;) #hotspring #visiticeland #secrethideaway
More on extinction. 
Love or not (I do), soaking and nudity often go hand-in-hand. 
However a CityLab report (Apr. 21) focuses on Germany's love of nakedness and questions it's vitality:
'Nudity, or Freikörperkultur, has long been a part of public life in Germany. Can it withstand an era of increasing globalization and tech?
... social and technological change is reshaping habits, and locations for public nudity are being regulated by law. Cameraphones and social media are chipping away at naturists’ sense of their own anonymity, while tourism and Germany’s growing multiculturalism are affecting popular attitudes in complex ways.
Naked bathing was once the rule across much of Europe, when people regularly bathed naked in rivers and lakes, albeit often segregated by sex. Indeed, the casualness of the way the medieval manuscript the Très Riches Heures du Duc de Berry shows French peasants warming themselves before a fire suggests attitudes radically different from today’s. In Germany, nude bathing became somewhat taboo towards the end of the 18th century—but elsewhere, such as in the under-populated countryside of Scandinavia, the practice never fully died out'.
marcoprofino.tumblr with modern day possibilities to enjoy natural thermal hot waters naturally:
Nice wellness place near Munich in Germany, Therme Erding.
There you can swim naked, enjoy in awesome sauna world as well as in massage and spa time
So since the 18th century, swimming and bathing nude has always been a fringe activity with possibly the exception of West Berlin and the former East Germany. Exceptions have been so-called sauna worlds (photo above) where tradition (and hygiene) dictates clotheslessness though even here small cracks are letting the clothed in.

If the above is the future (let's face it: there are more of us with more free time and we are getting more multi-cultural (with distinct shades of conservatism)), I'd prefer to stay in the now. 
If only to offer future choices, it requires us to maintain the advances of humanity and to protect the few bastions left offered from the clothing onslaught. Or am I being unnecessarily pessimistic?

My next item is a blog from Mandmtravelllers who have been trolling some lesser known areas of Southeast Europe. 
For instance they find the hot springs of Permet (Albania) not so hot (Jun. 27):

They also visit the Greek hot springs near Thermoplyae (Jun. 6).

'There is a strong smell of sulfur and therefore we decide not to take swimsuits to destroy them and go only in panties and shirts. Nobody is here. It looks like everyone is just going to the waterfall at the parking lot ... ... as if no one knew about it. The better for us. So we have privacy and I can be up without ... without shyness: DThe whole pond and only for us! Private Spa - Do not disturb!'

Bulgaria (May 26) I believe and I guess Southwest Bulgaria; apparently translation was not yet introduced on the blog.

And Kalmeny (Slovakia, Apr. 18):

All in all a nice overview of some of what remains before the developers (and /or hordes?) move in. Funny, hordes refers to Mongol / Tartar invasion forces of Eastern Europe (Wikipedia).

Cure All
Reykjavik Grapevine (Apr. 18) reports on what it calls Seaweed city:
'It’s [green seaweed powder] also used at Sjávarsmiðjan: a lo-fi seaweed spa dreamt up by an enterprising local named Svanhildur and her husband Tómas. “It was 2011 when we decided to try this,” says Svanhildur, as she prepares us a seaweed bath back in the town. “We have a lot of hot water here—it’s used for the houses and the swimming pool, but I was thinking of using it for healthy things. This house was built by my husband’s father—we put these two tubs here to test the idea.”
“When it’s clear you can see the Snæfellsjökull glacier from the tub,” says Svanhildur. “We’ve had some great responses from people who camp here in the summer. Next, we will get a new spa by the seaside. We hope to start building it next year—we’re saving money, and talking to investors.”
It's a very interesting concept, find more info at Icelandmagazine (Jun. 7, 2016) has an article on the same:
'Landowners in the small village of Reykhólar, in the South Westfjords on the north coast of Breiðafjörður bay, are planning to construct a large geothermally heated seaweed spa and bath, offering travelers the opportunity to relax in warm water by the edge of the water'.
So plans have not yet taken off? 

Iceland Monitor (May 8) reports on the introduction of beer baths in Iceland:
'Kaldi brewery in Árskógssandur, just north of Akureyri in North Iceland, will be opening beer baths and spa in the coming month.
There will be seven beer baths in total, all suitable for two people. All guests that have reached 20 years in age can relax in their beer baths with a beer in hand, as there will be a pump by each bath. 20 is legal drinking age in Iceland.
According to Sigurðadóttir [CEO] bookings are going well even though they haven’t opened yet, she points out most people are interested in doing something different'. 

An Icelandic beer bath of sorts?  bmar101:
#Landbrotalaug #Hotsprings #Iceland
August 2016
Likewise you could also use clay for a bath. I found this on clay baths from 2015 (May 11) on the clay of Pelakas beach, Corfu, Greece:
'In Greece, you don’t have to go to the spa for a fancy clay mask. You can just walk down the beach.
In the town of Pelekas, on the island of Corfu, there are pockets of clay hidden beneath rocks at the edge of the sea, just a short walk from the pier.
We heard locals rave about the clay’s exfoliating, detoxifying, and cooling benefits and decided to give it a try. The best way, they said, was to break the clay off in big chunks, water it down, and rub it on your skin.
We covered ourselves from head to toe and lay in the sand to watch the clay dry, feeling as relaxed and tranquil as any spa day with a better view.
The clay felt immediately cool and damp on our sun-soaked skin. As it hardened, we felt our skin tingle and tighten, freezing our faces in straight expressions and cracking wide when we laughed.
The best part?
Jumping in the sea naked and washing it off.
Isak Dinesen had it right: “The cure for anything is salt water: sweat, tears or the sea.”
More clay baths, on the island of Menorca, Spain. bmamores 
Negrita tropical🙌👳 #calacavellaria#fang#argila#benbruta#bañosdebarro
A year later the same author visits little known salt baths on the Algarve, Portugal; an equally compelling destination.

A classical concert  at Viterbo's (Lazio, Italy) Bullicame hot spring source (reported here at Tusciaweb, Jul. 8) was set to end with fireworks.
 Whether or not that happened, what they may not have been counting on is the lamentations of Bullicame's Association president. 
 In Lafune (Jul. 12) he jots down the facts why this special place is not so special anymore as private thieves are somehow getting away with siphoning all it's waters.

And then the real fireworks. (Jul. 29) reports on advances being made as hopes of restoring Bullicames waters are raised. Local officials are sticking their necks out and are supporting a plan which would see better distribution of Viterbo's thermal waters between a number of private operators and (partial) public concerns.

Coming up soon, some original entries on hots springs on Italy's island of Pantelleria. Warming ourselves up by this:

3 paperelle
#scauri #pantelleria #acquecalde
An Icelandic soak-off (Reykjavik Grapevine, Jun. 26):
'Iceland is dotted with wild, natural geothermal hot pots. They’re diverse and eccentric in nature—each one is different, whether a converted sheep bath with piped-in water, a warm river, or a naturally occurring pot for two. You should be prepared to use your GPS to locate them, as many aren’t signposted; remember to respect the environment by leaving them as you found them, and show sensitivity to the privacy of others if there’s another car in the parking lot. Also, please don’t lose your shit in the comments section because we’re not “giving anything away”, all of these pots are well documented in books, magazines and websites. With that in mind, let the hot pot hunt commence…'.
Featuring  8 hot pots.

World of Flossy reports on a snowy trip on Iceland (Jan. 21). Includes hot pots.
'Visiting Iceland in winter is magical and we delighted in seeing beautiful nature covered in a white carpet of snow. When it is cold outside, there is no better time to enjoy an Icelandic hot spring'.
Landbrotalaug was our favourite natural hot spring in Iceland.

A guide to hidden hot springs in Iceland by asideofthesweet (Jul. 7):
'Looking back, I think these hot springs visits will be some of our best memories of Iceland. Each one was completely different and beautiful in its own way. One was at the base of a mountain, one was a tiny hot pot just big enough for two people, one was a misty green wonderland right out of a fairytale and of course there was Iceland’s most famous (and not secret) Blue Lagoon'.
Two Travel Itineraries soaking in Iceland:
Swimming in a natural hot spring on a mountain, just the two of us! Such an amazing experience :p
More ratings from the same source (Apr. 7), but this time of Reykjaviks swimming pools with it's swim waters geothermally originated and heated.

Comments on the 6 step guide to swimming in Iceland (IloveReykjavik, Dec. 26, 2014) go on forever and seem increasingly far-fetched. Not all though, here's a recent query and answer:
Q: 'My wife and I would like to visit pools in Reykj. that allow nudity. Are there any? Can you suggest some? Or other places to enjoy skinnydipping? Anybody else have suggestions? Thanks so much!'
A:'There are no pools in Iceland that allow complete nudity. Women can go topless but it’s not something that is normally done so you’d get a lot of stares probably. It’s quite common that people skinny dip in the natural pools though'.
Finally, some (lesser) news. The special rambling hot spring of Hrunulaug is charging (voluntarily) it's visitors (Instagram Jul. 10).

Worthy the contribution? michellesnots at Hrunulaug
 I rate Iceland as the #1 best place to PMS. #hrunalaug #naturalpool #hotspring #nature #travel #adventure #selfie #portrait #iceland
Found a website on northeastern Greek hot springs; emtgreece presents the 8 hot springs of the region. It limits itself to those within it's administrative borders thus you are missing those closer to Thessaloniki.

getnakedgreece at Loutra Pozar, northern Greece, closer to Thessaloniki: 
#baths #loutra #pozar #greece #ellada #nudist #naturism #naturist #getyournudeon #getnaked #getnakedgreece #freedom #loveyourbody #explorenaked #outdoors #adventuer #normalisenudity
An interesting tumblr entrance on budapestbug on the Kiraly baths:
'A bath without hotspring - Kiraly bath Budapest
Király Bath is the only thermal bath of Budapest, which was not built over a hot spring. Moreover, the only bath, which was really built by Turks. A widespread belief, that bathing culture arrived with the Ottoman Reign to Hungary, though thermal baths existed far more before, already in the Roman times, and later also in tne 13th century (on the place of Sait Luke’s, Rudas, Gellert and Racz bathes)'.
Termas de Caldeiras (island of Sao Miguel, Acores, Portugal) seems to have got it's act together. They seem to be offering massage / wellness as well as the possibility to take a swim (below):

I wasn't lucky, I deserved it
Apparently in business since beginning of the year (they only have a Facebook page), Tripadvisor reviews have been diverse:
'We cannot recommend this "spa" to other tourists as it was overall very disappointing and dirty'. 
'... bad vibes there are places far more beautiful to get a SPA go to Furnas that's magic !! and cheaper !'
'Amazing place for relaxing'.
Finally, when researching hot springs one comes across some gems of information. I've never heard of Peter of Eboli. Apparently he wrote what is considered as the first guide to thermal bathing (12th / 13th century) otherwise known as 
De Balneis Puteolanis ("The Baths of Pozzuoli").
According to Wikipedia, the guide focuses on hot springs of southern Italy. Though it actually describes the benefits of thermal bathing in the current neighbourhood of Naples, Pozzuoli. A plate from the book:

A current day experience (though still from 2012) from A Long way from home:
'The Pozzuoli region of Naples is situated upon whats known as the Campi Flegrei, of Phlegrean Fields, a volcanic caldera, lying mostly underwater, comprised of over 24 craters and volcanic edifices. In the Campi Flegrei, there are areas along the sea where natural, hot volcanic steam will heat underground seawater and it will make its way out to the surface like a spring.
Now when I say the words “thermal spa,” lots of things come to mind. Maybe beautiful, cavern-like springs a short walk from the sand… or weathered volcanic rock pools on the beach at the foot of a cliff, filled with hot water, with steam rising off the surface… uhhh no. Where we ended up was a far cry from any of these things. We arrived at Lido lo Scoglio, or “the rock beach,” to find that unlike a luxurious spa, it felt much more like a weathered campground complex. 
So then we get outside, and right in front of me are 3 jacuzzi size pools, side by side, filled with hot, cloudy brown water and more dudes. At first sight, a hot salty seawater wave of horror came over me.
You know that feeling you get when you know you made a great decision? Yeah. 
Nando claimed the thermal seawater had healing powers, and I believe it – Chris & Scott were nursing some rough hangovers that morning, and by the time we were leaving the spas, you’d swear those two were resurrected back to life. I know I was a million times more relaxed (so relaxed that much later that evening, I fell off my bike and scraped up my leg and elbows, but thats a whole other story.) As we start to leave, Nando turns to me with a big grin on his face and says, “I’m glad you liked it! Its funny because it looks kind of like a shithole, but once you start to enjoy it, you begin to love it here!” I couldn’t agree more. Lido lo Scoglio was definitely a hidden gem only the locals posess, and had we not had open minds and the opportunity to experience it to the fullest with Nando, we would have totally missed out. I’m pretty sure we were the only Americans they’ve had there all year, and we were sort of a novelty to lots of people we met that day, since Italians love to practice their English with Americans whenever they get the chance. Often I write about places you absolutely must see if you ever visit Naples, but I’m not going to say that this time. The notion of “communal baths” is relatively new and sometimes strange to Americans in comparison to those of other countries – from ancient Rome to present day Japan, communal or public baths have not only been used for therapeutic reasons, but also as places to meet and socialize for thousands of years. As an American, and I consider myself an open-minded one at that, I can say that this experience is definitely not for everyone, specifically anyone that has a fear of a little dirt here and there, people who are afraid of being in water where you can’t see the bottom or anyone who suffers from claustrophobia or are generally uncomfortable with the constant invasion of your own personal space… yeah, you know who you are… this isn’t for you. But hey, if you think you can get over your personal qualms with it all & do as the Neapolitans do, give it a go – the “beauty in the mess” at Lido lo Scoglio is a perfect example of what it really means to be Neapolitan; I’d be hard pressed to say I’ve had a more authentic experience than this yet.   
Lido di Nerone /

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Sascha has taken it upon himself to travel to the northern Greek island of Samothraki (Samothrace, Σαμοθράκη), an island still largely untouched by the mass tourism which thrives on many other Greek islands. Lacking an airport, Samothraki's rugged, mountainous and sparsely populated nature serves as the main attraction to those willing to take the roads less travelled. 
Hot springs feature, but are apparently no comparison to the islands waterfalls. But maybe I should let Sascha tell his tale first.

Samothraki has 4 natural thermal pools that are very close together near the town Therma on Samothraki Island. 

Depending on your residence, the trip to the island can be long, therefore, the trip should be considered as part of the holiday. Maybe because of the difficult access, the island is not well known in Western Europe. This is rather positive because the touristic infrastructure is rather on a low level and cannot cope with tourist masses. 
I started from Düsseldorf Airport with a direct flight to Kavala. It is advisable to rent a car and drive to Alexandropoulis where the ferry starts once a day to Samothraki. The car hire is much cheaper (around 160 per week) than renting a car on the island which is around 80 per day. Alexandropoulis offers some comfortable hotels if you were not able to catch the ferry on the same day. 
After 2h40 you reach the island and after 15 minutes by car you finally reach the village of Therma. 

Therma is close to the mountains and offers beautiful forests, fabulous waterfalls and the hot springs. In a review I would say, the waterfalls (with drinkable water) are more spectacular than the hot springs, but they are in any case worth the travel. Some hostels are around the market place as well as in the surroundings of the village. Do not expect 5 star hotels on the island; accommodation is rather simple and easy.

Concerning the hot springs, you come first to the official building with a pool inside. Opening hours are in the morning and in the evening from 18:00 to 21:00 but in June the building was still closed and opens apparently only in the high season. 

On the left side of the official building is the old thermal pool building which gives free access (photo above). I only checked the temperature and took some pictures because some party people crushed some glass bottles around the pool.

On the same side you find the real source as well as the source with drinkable hot mineral water. Be careful, some wesp nests are close by.

To find the open air and free hot springs, you have to take the gravel road on the right side from the official building. After 200m, on your right side a small path goes down to the first pool. The temperature varies a lot, at the days of my visit, it varied between 40°C-43°C. The water comes out of the spring at 52°C and locals told me that on some days the pool is too hot to soak in, but in winter it is too cold to soak because of the reduced water in-flow. Probably June was a perfect month, also because the tourist masses of July and August had not arrived yet.

One of the advantages of this pool is that it is around 1m deep, so that a real soak is possible. The pool is clean and of concrete which means it is clean without algae but with a strong sulphur smell. Unfortunately, the concrete surrounding takes away the beautiful view to the sea when you are inside the pool.
Absolutely recommended is to soak in the early morning. When your body gets really hot, take the car, drive down to the beach (about a 2 minute drive) and cool down in the sea. If you want to socialize with other tourists or hippies, better soak in the evening.

If you continue the gravel road until the left turn (about 100m further up), you see on the right side three other pools, also made of concrete but this time you have a great view to the sea. It is foreseen only to put the legs in the pools but it is also possible to soak inside.

Water temperature of pool 1: 34°C, pool 2: 38°C and pool 3 (with algae): 34°C. 
This is the right place if you want to stay for hours in the pool but protect yourself during the day against the strong sunshine. 
Naked soaking is possible but I recommend it rather in the morning …

Thanking Sascha for the above I've looked up on internet if there's more to add. The Greek official tourism site, visitgreece notes:
'The thermal springs of Therma, Samothraki are located 15 km away from Kamariotissa, at the port of the island.
Known since the Byzantine period, the thermal springs have therapeutic effects for rheumatoid arthritis, chronic rheumatic conditions, gynecological conditions, peripheral angiopathies, secondary skin conditions and obesity. Visitors will find a spa with group and individual baths. A study for the creation of a new spa center is currently being conducted'.
One of Greece's best sources of hoot spring info (though also slightly outdated), writes on three hot springs near Therma:
According to tradition, Olympiad conceived Alexander the Great in Therma. This rumor still attracts women who can't have children today. The springs were built in 1981. They have two basins (or more like pools), one for each gender, and 13 individual basins, 8 of which are relatively new. There are also two old tanks, one of which is used to cool the water (197o F).
How will you get there? Therma is about 14 kilometers away from the Kamariotissa harbor. The way there is a rather enjoyable ride. The public springs facilities are at the end of the settlement, across the bus stop.
Where will you stay? There are two camps. There are also hotels and rooms to let.
So, here it goes. Take a bath in the "pools". The water is bright, salty and with a feeble odor of sulphurated hydrogen. The temperature is about 98-100o F. The pools are in a good condition and there are stands where you can rest around. The springs are open from June 1st to October 20th.
Pigi Frikion (Freak Spring) Climbing up the dirt road to the hill of Psarotherma, you'll find a spring on your right side. The water supplies two basins, one of which is open-air (the other one is roofed with a cement closet. The water is rather warm. The spring is one of the most popular ones in Samothraki, the Freak Spring. Elderly people avoid this spring; perhaps because of the high temperatures
So, here it goes. It's worth a try. The water is rather hot in the open-air basin (140o F), while in the other one it's just hot (105-120o F). It's salty and the atmosphere is kind of heavy due to the sulphurated hydrogen. The basin at the closet can fit up to 2-4 people.
Pigi Podoloutron, Psarotherma Just above the Therma spring, you will find another three open-air basins if you climb up the dirt road and look for them to your right. Two of these have water. This place is the elderly hang-out spot. The basins are shallow and the visitors sit around the bench and place their feet in the water.
So, here it goes. The water is dim, with just enough sulphur. The water is renewed, it takes about 15 minutes for the basins to be filled again. The temperature is pretty good too'.
A statement to Samothraki's hot springs: Tripadvisor's Things to do on the island does not include these. Though 3 waterfalls are listed.
There's a good video of all three hot springs  of Therma on youtube.
A blog on the hot springs in Greek from 2009 with great pictures of all the soaking sites.

To finish I've included a photo of how nice a night time soak may well be on Samothraki:

"You do not travel if you are afraid of the unknown, you travel for the unknown, that reveals you with yourself."
— Ella Maillart


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Travel worthy

Can't resist putting up a number of topical and typical examples of soaking in naturally heated waters of the "old" continent. 
Such as the half forgotten Termas de Prexigueiro (Galicia) above.

Progressing through the Euro nations,  let's start halfway through the alphabet: mmm.

Well, the p then. Portugal's Azorean island of Sao Miguel hosts a couple of hot springs, following just an example of what's on offer:

 Entspannen in #furnas #azoren #therme #poçadadonabeija #thermalquellen #portugal #holidayfun #reisesüchtig #travelphotography
Natural hot springs - my favourite SPA ;) #pyatigorsk #пятигорск #пятигорсконлайн #пятигорск2017 #спа #кавказ #кавминводы #кмв #кмв_26 #ставропольскийкрай #ставропольский_край #ставрополье #ставропольевinstagram #me #я #iam #spa #relax #vacation #vacations #hotsprings #baths #отдых #отпуск #релакс #релакс😌 #россия #регионыроссии #мояроссия #russia
A first on this site (above), the city of Pyatigorsk, northern Caucasus (and north of Mt Elbrus) in the Stravapol administrative region, has a picteresque hot spring with views of the city beneath. That's the r of Russia.

Marta López Pérez:
Qué buena manera de relajarse en #Tiermas al son de los bombos y en agua calentita,antes de ir a currar al #BarLopi
Spain hosts quite a few natural hot springs. 
Above near the lake of Yesa (Navarra) a night swim in the termas of Tiermas, below it seems a more wintery soak at Santa Fe, Andalucia.

No hay más magia en ningun sitio, que dentro de uno mismo, si se pierde, solo hay que volver a buscarla. 🌈
#lastermas #santafe #granada #nature #forest #aguacaliente #desnudo #tattoo #travel #instatravel #instagood #likeforlike #followme
I'm just a wanderer, trying to train my mind to see the good and beauty in everything (whilst relaxing in these hot springs I stumbled upon) 🌞🌿✨
#staywild #wanderlust
#nomad #explore #adventure #naturelover #hotsprings #switzerland #hiking
More novelty, the warm springs of Combioula near the village of Vex southwest Switzerland). Apparently temperatures stay 26 degree all year. 
Less novel but nonetheless the great looking hot springs of Borjomi, Georgia (below). 

haleli_yavnai at Borjomi
Natural hot spring. I just love such places. Do you? 👙🌲
Part d'un tot #fontpedrouse #termes #saintthomas #bains #thermal #aiguestermals #cerdanya
Often returning, France does not have many natural hot springs in their original habitat, but that of Saint Thomas is one of Europe's best.

Below from the Facebook page of the northern Greek island of Samothraki, the sun is seen setting on these little developed hot springs.

twohungrypeople on Evia island (central Greece) at Loutra Aedipsos:
And there’s also hot springs, with a seaview, to boot!

I'm 98% sure that nymphs, fairies and other magical creatures have frolicked here before ✨🌿🍄 This beautiful hot spring was located just over the river from where we were camping 💦 When we arrived in the night we were greeted by a pair of dogs and an Arctic Fox who lives on the property for 9 months of the year 🐺 (The other three he spends finding a lady fox) 🌾 The rest of the day consisted of finding Walter Mitty filming locations 📸🌏 #Iceland #MyStopover #IcelandAir #WowAir #backpacking
Iceland' s wow factors ...
 ...because when you stop and look around, this life is pretty amazing. ❤ ————————————————————————————
#hellulaug #travellight #ifyouknowwhatimean #westfjords #låtoss #intothewild #wilderness #love #happinessonlyrealwhenshared #mothernature #nature #iceland #love #igersiceland #gopro #traveller #instatravel #travel #explorer #outdoor #instagood #wanderlust #igers #hiking #bomdia #godmorgon #goodnight #goodmorning #like #photooftheday
This is real life. When in Iceland.
#roadtrip #westernfjordsiceland #iceland #adventuresiniceland #honeymoon #neverstoptubbing #hotpot #sea #drangsnes #lifeloveadventure #travel #wanderlust #seetheworld
Positive powers
 🐊✌🏽 .
Rounding up this posting are a double from Italy and a parting gift from Iceland.
Above the Terme Benetutti on the island of Sardinia, below Bullicame near Viterbo (Lazio).
Taking a thermal bath in the evening after a day of sweating under the sun ⊙
Clean and recharged! :)
#terme #termas #therme #hotspring #bikelife #cycletouring #fahrradtour #cicloturismo #viajeenbici #travelgram #natur #womanpower #natura #nature #avantura #abenteuer #adventure #lifeinnature #naked #nuda #desnudo #nackt

Iceland pro tip: if you're traveling with someone you just met, skinny dipping in hot springs and running barefoot over lava beds back to the car in below freezing weather is an instant bonding activity. ↞
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mariangela_fe in Itlay:
Pozza di Leonardo... svegliarsi in paradiso parte 2,3,4,5... #bormio #terme #pozzadileonardo #alpi #nofilter #igersitalia
With spring arriving on the old continent, everybody is gearing up for the upcoming great summer with a lot of travelling involved; relaxing, immersing oneself in new and/or different culture and enjoying nature's bounty. Thus, we come to soaking.

The Nomadwiki site has published (Mar. 5) an overview of free hot springs on this planet,  mostly from Europe. It pales with this site's own collection, which is still way better, but nonetheless another indication of how free soaks are becoming more sought after.

Spring heralds one of the world's seasonal (and free) soaks in Austria. aranziskf:
Maibachl rinnt 🌲🍃🌊 #Villach #Maibachl #tb #whereidratherbe
As is quite usual, there's another article from the anglophone culture which somehow takes issue with European soaking habits. It should be noted the issue for discussion is angst ridden body issues. The Heraldnet (Feb. 19):
'With my intense travel schedule, I savor detours where I put away the schedule and notes and simply enjoy the moment. And for me, there’s no better detour in Europe than visiting a public bath or spa for a relaxing, good soak.
Some Americans are prudish when it comes to enjoying public baths in Europe — especially when the dress code is just a towel. I understand the hesitation; my first time was awkward too'.
It's odd the editor choose to zoom in on the nakedness, the article itself is just an overview of the quirkier and/or distinctive local bathing culture and experiences on offer in Euroland.

 Soaking in the sources-chuade of southern France. schaveta:
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An interesting article on the French racines corse website (May 3, 2016) concerning thermalisme on the island of Corsica which was a response to an original article.
It lists the islands hot springs:
  • Guagno les bains (closed),
  • Source de Guitera (partially abandoned, though 1 tub still available),
  • Domaine Rosa de Caldane (developed small-scale thermal baths),
  • Les bains de Baracci à Olmeto (developed, open in season),
  • Les bains de Pietrapola (developed, though some wilder sources available (?)).
jef.dup up in the French Pyrenean mountains:
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City slickers. From the tumblr of Budapest Bug an entry (Mar. 1) on Kiraly baths:
'Király Bath is the only thermal bath of Budapest, which was not built over a hot spring. Moreover, the only bath, which was really built by Turks'.
The article gives a fair overview of the unique history of these baths.

alisaambika on their story in Central Greece
Another great memory for our Greece trip. What you see are not some two sea creatures 😂 but my mom and I who are very relaxed and happy in this picture. This happened on the way from Athens to Stilyda (about half way to Thesaloniki). As we were passing by #KamenaVourla my husband remembered that his Grandmother used to take him and his brother to the beach in that area, but also there this is a place of natural mineral springs (which she used to go to, but they never did). Of course we had to experience them. There were three baths, we chose to soak in "Aphroditi Bath" the one for beauty. It was quite an experience for those who have ever tried Borjomi mineral water from Georgia, it really felt like being inside one of those bottles, except it the water was warm and constantly bubbling. The water was also extremely clear. My mom and I felt so great, that few days later we had to come back there for another session. The best part, these mineral baths belong to everyone who is lucky to discover them, free of charge. The springs of Kamena Vourla are known for their rare composition in natural minerals, salts and radon. Thank you Greece for this healing experience 🙏 😌#mothernature #mothernurture
As usual a lot to mention from Iceland.
Important news from the equality front where Iceland takes the (global) lead. Reykjavik Grapevine (Apr. 3):
'There are no legal grounds for municipalities banning women from being topless at Icelandic swimming pools, says Supreme Court Lawyer, Unnar Steinn Bjarndals.
In light of Unnar’s ruling Reykjanesbær and Reykjavík municipality have released statements announcing that people can wear however much or however little they’d like so long as they wear swim bottoms'.
Stella Briem leading the way and showing the un-equalitists what she thinks ...
bless up
Iceland's iconic Blue Lagoon is getting new hotel facilities. Design online mag Inhabitat (Mar. 30) notes:
'The new hotel will offer visitors stunning views with floor-to-ceiling windows and terraces leading directly to the geothermal waters. For a broader view, guests can visit the hotel’s balconies to see the stunning scenery of the lava field. The goal of the new resort is to make its connection to nature as seamless as possible.
The subterranean Lava Cove spa takes advantage of the natural landscape, offering visitors the chance to explore lava corridors, waterfalls, and other geological features while they rest and relax. The new Moss Restaurant will serve up fresh, local, seasonal ingredients inspired by Icelandic cuisine, along with stunning views of the resort.
The new resort is currently under construction and set to open in Autumn of 2017'.
chris_innis at Reykjaladur: 
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The Reykjavik Grapevine (Feb. 22) reports on the environmental degradation around the volcanic Mývatn. Is the situation unique or is it symptomatic for the direction of Iceland's boom?
'The lake has been put on the red list of the Environment Agency of Iceland four years in a row, has been suffering from hypoxia, and calls for action have been made within parliament.
Despite this being a known problem, regulations protecting Mývatn from environmental damage have actually been on the books since 1974. Nonetheless, increased tourism traffic and run-off from nearby hotels is threatening the existence of the lake.
RÚV spoke with Guðmundur Ingi Guðbrandsson, the managing director of the Icelandic Environment Association, who said that a lax policy on issuing building permits for hotels and a lack of supervision has led to the situation as it stands today'.
howiwishiwasabird at Drangsnes:  
Thermal pools on the edge of the ocean. 🌊Soaking in the naturally hot water = bliss! #nobikininoproblem #westfjords  
Probably the most important news from Italy seems to be the deal to view all hot springs surrounding the central Italian town of Viterbo as one and managing the resources sustainably with some aquifers which have run dry due to commercial extraction being revived. 
The comprehensive plan (Il Messaggero, Mar. 8) refers to this as the Bible of spa's for the region of Lazio
It contains a plan of how waters cold be extracted sustainably, but whether or not this will happen remains to be seen. 
The same source (Apr. 13) follows up with another article discussing what development might well take place in the Viterbo region. 

isa.mat at San Casciano:
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Earlier this year, Viterbonews24 (Jan. 29) notes how the free hot springs of Bullicame will be entitled to receive some government subsidized amenities: showers and toilets. Because it's deemed they are required.
In (Mar. 1) a response from the Bullicame managing committee. It seems the politicians taking this decision were ill-informed. As of November 2014, there's been no waters received at all, as a neighbouring commercial operation is sucking all waters from the Bullicame source in spite of having no permission to do such. The committee managed to drag the commercial company before a number of tribunals which voted more or less in their favour, though simultaneously affording a stay of their decision allowing the commercial company to seek judicial recourse or alternative source of waters. The most recent decision (June 2016) still is ineffective as it doesn't seem that the neighbouring spa is making headwaves in getting other alternative sources for it's waters. 
Giovanni Faperdue, the committee's spokesperson and Bullicame ambassador notes that the situation continues, while the public bathing opportunities are in ruins.
'Oggi nessuno lo può garantire”'
No guarantee. That the Bullicame bathing opportunities will be restored. 

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ThinkGeoEnergy reports (Feb. 13) on how opposition to geothermal energy generation in Italy's Tuscany has been legitimised by the regional council:
'... the Regional Council of Tuscany has issued a draft resolution “regarding the definition of areas not suitable for the installation of the geothermal power plants in Tuscany”. The resolution aims, so local politician Tommaso Fattori , to find “a balance between the different vocations of the territory, including the tourist and agricultural, linked to typical products and high-quality” .
In short, the first objection of the various committees of residents who have been opposing new geothermal installations, was substantially upheld by the regional council.
The main concerns of the opposing groups is a possible tarnishing of the “brand” Tuscany, intended largely as a life insurance of quality agriculture and tourism built on the slogans “slow” and sustainable. They have therefore pushed a discussion on new permits, and the development of new geothermal power plants'.
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But then the same source (Apr. 10) jumps on more positive news (for it's objectives) from the same region:
'Over the past three years, about EUR 100 million ($107 million) floated back into the local economy in the geothermal areas in Tuscany. The international work of Enel Green Power on geothermal projects, e.g. in Chile and Germany also provided contracts to two Tuscan companies worth about EUR 25 million'.
lbeckyl in Armenia:
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To counter the beer spa's of central and eastern Europe, Termatalia reports (Jan. 11) on Galicia's first vinoterapia spa at the monastery of San Clodio, in Leiro (Ourense):
'The new facility will consist of dressing rooms, three massage rooms, two single and one double, with specific treatments of wine therapy; A relaxation room, sauna, a steam bath, contrast showers, spa-pool of 40 square meters and rest areas which, according to the head of Tourism, will be the "perfect complement for the province of Ourense thermal. Idea is to create a "unique space" where will be offered treatments with wine therapy'.
take me back to the hot springs!
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Finally, a slightly dated German  blog entry on an adventure (, Nov. 30, 2016) to Andalucia's Santa Fe termas. A number of pointers:
  • if your car is stuck a neighbouring farmer will assist for a fee of €15,
  • in the weekend expect men who sit all day watching the bathers (hmmm),
  • bathing takes place mostly naked (= that explains pointer before),
  • please take out your trash.
Despite some apprehension the visit gets the thumps up treatment.

 More thumps up for Santa Fe. zazalaikha:
 3 de enero y yo bañándome (jkjk disfrutando de los aguas termales de Santa Fe )🏔

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