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Enjoying nature to the fullest. Natural hot springs. #iceland #hotspring #islandia #naked #beards #beard #gaybeard #gay #gaybeards #beardedmen

The first round of matches has concluded at the European Championships (football) in France. And it seems the smaller nations are winning over the hearts of all Euro football lovers. Though their minds still believe that the Germans will win (they usually do ...). 

But let's look at some of the competing nations soaks. 

Though last night Iceland surprised the football fans, when coming to natural soaks, Iceland is the top nation in Europe (see also lead photo):

Sneaky hot spring all to myself, watching the last of the sunset. 
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Iceland held Portugal to a draw, which the Portugese view as a loss. The next picture is also a loss for us soakers, it's not really a hot spring.  Still it's a very empowering picture from the fire island of Sao Miguel (there are opposed to photo below a number of nice soaks), the closest you'll get to the Icelandic feeling without being in Iceland.
Illa de São Miguel, Açores (Portugal).
Eva Neira | Abril de 2015
Estaba nun Erasmus en Lisboa, e a xente coa que vivía, a family portuguesa, decidimos alugar unha furgoneta e marchar aos Açores. Foron cinco días de desconexión e natureza. O último día, na parte oeste da illa de São Miguel, buscabamos unhas termas de actividade volcánica, un lugar paradisíaco (segundo dicían). Non as demos atopado. En troques achamos un camiño que poñía que era propiedade privada. Coámonos entre a maleza e acabamos dando co que parecía unha piscina natural privada. Aquilo si que era o paraíso. ¡Aínda que a auga estaba fría que te c****!

France are the hosting nation and while in footballing terms there seems no better nation  in which to play such championships, in natural soaking terms there's too little to capture that same desire. Best are the natural baths of Arties:

Me he vuelto frío como el hielo, a la mínima destruyo cualquier sentimiento que me encuentro en el camino. ¿Te crees fuego? Entonces, procura deshacerme porque si me rompes soy punzante, afilado y vas a salir perjudicada... #goodvibes #arties #vielha #relax #hotwater #snow #nature #banhsdarties
Current Euro champions are Spain, who in soaking terms also score high. No better a place to soak (it seems) than in Santa Fe near Granada, Andalucia:

March 26, 2015 · ·
At Termas de Santa Fe.

When it comes to footballing Europe there seems to be no geographical limits. Soakingswise you have this intriging photo from the Asian part of Turkey

Water buffalos and horses are seen in a thermal spring at temperatures around 40℃ in the village of Budakli in Guroymak district, Bitlis, Turkey. The 40℃ Budakli springs are found in Budakli, 7 kilometres from Guroymak centre, and are sought after by local and foreign tourists for their healing power… the villagers bringing the buffalos and horses to the snow-covered springs… really awesome~~~♪~♫~♬


We have the rank outsiders of Italy who are the masters of defence. Mastering their many natural soaks is also a favourite Italian pasttime: 
Missadventuresabroad at Bagni San Filippo
'After getting into my suit I finally settled in and was able to enjoy the warm water trickling down into the pool from further up the ‘mountain’.
The above is basically a random selection. What about Romania? Hungary? Austria? Germany? Switserland? Russia? Albania? Slovakia
So many more hot soaks to be highlighted ... 

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