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mariangela_fe in Itlay:
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With spring arriving on the old continent, everybody is gearing up for the upcoming great summer with a lot of travelling involved; relaxing, immersing oneself in new and/or different culture and enjoying nature's bounty. Thus, we come to soaking.

The Nomadwiki site has published (Mar. 5) an overview of free hot springs on this planet,  mostly from Europe. It pales with this site's own collection, which is still way better, but nonetheless another indication of how free soaks are becoming more sought after.

Spring heralds one of the world's seasonal (and free) soaks in Austria. aranziskf:
Maibachl rinnt 🌲🍃🌊 #Villach #Maibachl #tb #whereidratherbe
As is quite usual, there's another article from the anglophone culture which somehow takes issue with European soaking habits. It should be noted the issue for discussion is angst ridden body issues. The Heraldnet (Feb. 19):
'With my intense travel schedule, I savor detours where I put away the schedule and notes and simply enjoy the moment. And for me, there’s no better detour in Europe than visiting a public bath or spa for a relaxing, good soak.
Some Americans are prudish when it comes to enjoying public baths in Europe — especially when the dress code is just a towel. I understand the hesitation; my first time was awkward too'.
It's odd the editor choose to zoom in on the nakedness, the article itself is just an overview of the quirkier and/or distinctive local bathing culture and experiences on offer in Euroland.

 Soaking in the sources-chuade of southern France. schaveta:
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An interesting article on the French racines corse website (May 3, 2016) concerning thermalisme on the island of Corsica which was a response to an original article.
It lists the islands hot springs:
  • Guagno les bains (closed),
  • Source de Guitera (partially abandoned, though 1 tub still available),
  • Domaine Rosa de Caldane (developed small-scale thermal baths),
  • Les bains de Baracci à Olmeto (developed, open in season),
  • Les bains de Pietrapola (developed, though some wilder sources available (?)).
jef.dup up in the French Pyrenean mountains:
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City slickers. From the tumblr of Budapest Bug an entry (Mar. 1) on Kiraly baths:
'Király Bath is the only thermal bath of Budapest, which was not built over a hot spring. Moreover, the only bath, which was really built by Turks'.
The article gives a fair overview of the unique history of these baths.

alisaambika on their story in Central Greece
Another great memory for our Greece trip. What you see are not some two sea creatures 😂 but my mom and I who are very relaxed and happy in this picture. This happened on the way from Athens to Stilyda (about half way to Thesaloniki). As we were passing by #KamenaVourla my husband remembered that his Grandmother used to take him and his brother to the beach in that area, but also there this is a place of natural mineral springs (which she used to go to, but they never did). Of course we had to experience them. There were three baths, we chose to soak in "Aphroditi Bath" the one for beauty. It was quite an experience for those who have ever tried Borjomi mineral water from Georgia, it really felt like being inside one of those bottles, except it the water was warm and constantly bubbling. The water was also extremely clear. My mom and I felt so great, that few days later we had to come back there for another session. The best part, these mineral baths belong to everyone who is lucky to discover them, free of charge. The springs of Kamena Vourla are known for their rare composition in natural minerals, salts and radon. Thank you Greece for this healing experience 🙏 😌#mothernature #mothernurture
As usual a lot to mention from Iceland.
Important news from the equality front where Iceland takes the (global) lead. Reykjavik Grapevine (Apr. 3):
'There are no legal grounds for municipalities banning women from being topless at Icelandic swimming pools, says Supreme Court Lawyer, Unnar Steinn Bjarndals.
In light of Unnar’s ruling Reykjanesbær and Reykjavík municipality have released statements announcing that people can wear however much or however little they’d like so long as they wear swim bottoms'.
Stella Briem leading the way and showing the un-equalitists what she thinks ...
bless up
Iceland's iconic Blue Lagoon is getting new hotel facilities. Design online mag Inhabitat (Mar. 30) notes:
'The new hotel will offer visitors stunning views with floor-to-ceiling windows and terraces leading directly to the geothermal waters. For a broader view, guests can visit the hotel’s balconies to see the stunning scenery of the lava field. The goal of the new resort is to make its connection to nature as seamless as possible.
The subterranean Lava Cove spa takes advantage of the natural landscape, offering visitors the chance to explore lava corridors, waterfalls, and other geological features while they rest and relax. The new Moss Restaurant will serve up fresh, local, seasonal ingredients inspired by Icelandic cuisine, along with stunning views of the resort.
The new resort is currently under construction and set to open in Autumn of 2017'.
chris_innis at Reykjaladur: 
Hot spring vibes 🤘#Iceland #hotsprings #babyitscoldoutside❄️
The Reykjavik Grapevine (Feb. 22) reports on the environmental degradation around the volcanic Mývatn. Is the situation unique or is it symptomatic for the direction of Iceland's boom?
'The lake has been put on the red list of the Environment Agency of Iceland four years in a row, has been suffering from hypoxia, and calls for action have been made within parliament.
Despite this being a known problem, regulations protecting Mývatn from environmental damage have actually been on the books since 1974. Nonetheless, increased tourism traffic and run-off from nearby hotels is threatening the existence of the lake.
RÚV spoke with Guðmundur Ingi Guðbrandsson, the managing director of the Icelandic Environment Association, who said that a lax policy on issuing building permits for hotels and a lack of supervision has led to the situation as it stands today'.
howiwishiwasabird at Drangsnes:  
Thermal pools on the edge of the ocean. 🌊Soaking in the naturally hot water = bliss! #nobikininoproblem #westfjords  
Probably the most important news from Italy seems to be the deal to view all hot springs surrounding the central Italian town of Viterbo as one and managing the resources sustainably with some aquifers which have run dry due to commercial extraction being revived. 
The comprehensive plan (Il Messaggero, Mar. 8) refers to this as the Bible of spa's for the region of Lazio
It contains a plan of how waters cold be extracted sustainably, but whether or not this will happen remains to be seen. 
The same source (Apr. 13) follows up with another article discussing what development might well take place in the Viterbo region. 

isa.mat at San Casciano:
Stored in my heart drive!!!
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Earlier this year, Viterbonews24 (Jan. 29) notes how the free hot springs of Bullicame will be entitled to receive some government subsidized amenities: showers and toilets. Because it's deemed they are required.
In (Mar. 1) a response from the Bullicame managing committee. It seems the politicians taking this decision were ill-informed. As of November 2014, there's been no waters received at all, as a neighbouring commercial operation is sucking all waters from the Bullicame source in spite of having no permission to do such. The committee managed to drag the commercial company before a number of tribunals which voted more or less in their favour, though simultaneously affording a stay of their decision allowing the commercial company to seek judicial recourse or alternative source of waters. The most recent decision (June 2016) still is ineffective as it doesn't seem that the neighbouring spa is making headwaves in getting other alternative sources for it's waters. 
Giovanni Faperdue, the committee's spokesperson and Bullicame ambassador notes that the situation continues, while the public bathing opportunities are in ruins.
'Oggi nessuno lo può garantire”'
No guarantee. That the Bullicame bathing opportunities will be restored. 

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ThinkGeoEnergy reports (Feb. 13) on how opposition to geothermal energy generation in Italy's Tuscany has been legitimised by the regional council:
'... the Regional Council of Tuscany has issued a draft resolution “regarding the definition of areas not suitable for the installation of the geothermal power plants in Tuscany”. The resolution aims, so local politician Tommaso Fattori , to find “a balance between the different vocations of the territory, including the tourist and agricultural, linked to typical products and high-quality” .
In short, the first objection of the various committees of residents who have been opposing new geothermal installations, was substantially upheld by the regional council.
The main concerns of the opposing groups is a possible tarnishing of the “brand” Tuscany, intended largely as a life insurance of quality agriculture and tourism built on the slogans “slow” and sustainable. They have therefore pushed a discussion on new permits, and the development of new geothermal power plants'.
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But then the same source (Apr. 10) jumps on more positive news (for it's objectives) from the same region:
'Over the past three years, about EUR 100 million ($107 million) floated back into the local economy in the geothermal areas in Tuscany. The international work of Enel Green Power on geothermal projects, e.g. in Chile and Germany also provided contracts to two Tuscan companies worth about EUR 25 million'.
lbeckyl in Armenia:
 տաք ջուր ինչքան սիրուն է
#hotsprings #armenia #hrazdan #chillandsweat #bestertrip #schneebaden #amazing
To counter the beer spa's of central and eastern Europe, Termatalia reports (Jan. 11) on Galicia's first vinoterapia spa at the monastery of San Clodio, in Leiro (Ourense):
'The new facility will consist of dressing rooms, three massage rooms, two single and one double, with specific treatments of wine therapy; A relaxation room, sauna, a steam bath, contrast showers, spa-pool of 40 square meters and rest areas which, according to the head of Tourism, will be the "perfect complement for the province of Ourense thermal. Idea is to create a "unique space" where will be offered treatments with wine therapy'.
take me back to the hot springs!
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Finally, a slightly dated German  blog entry on an adventure (, Nov. 30, 2016) to Andalucia's Santa Fe termas. A number of pointers:
  • if your car is stuck a neighbouring farmer will assist for a fee of €15,
  • in the weekend expect men who sit all day watching the bathers (hmmm),
  • bathing takes place mostly naked (= that explains pointer before),
  • please take out your trash.
Despite some apprehension the visit gets the thumps up treatment.

 More thumps up for Santa Fe. zazalaikha:
 3 de enero y yo bañándome (jkjk disfrutando de los aguas termales de Santa Fe )🏔

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