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Here at the soaking family of blogs we like to keep things natural. 

But all over our planet there are threats to this naturalness. 

If it's not money pouring in to sanitize nature and charge you for the simple enjoyment of what nature's bounty has to offer, it's us humans and our social customs that are a deterrent for a natural enjoyment now and for future generations. 
The threat posed by ourselves is apparent and global. During the past half year I've seen complaints from Mangatatu (New Zealand), T'sek (Canada) and Umpqua (U.S.A.) just to name a few. They all revolve around trash. Where management is minimal, abuse unfortunately seems to be just around the corner.

And with the tourist invasion in full swing in Iceland, it's a no-brainer that those pretty Icelandic hotpots are likewise under threat.

One of the most beautiful and highly visited hot springs is that by the name of Seljavallalaug. Often praised and appreciated here on this site (see f.i. lead photo) the amount of tourists coming to her shores seems overwhelming, but no doubt for those who make the effort, they'll sing her soaking tune of soul saving.
But despite what everybody is taking away from her experience, a lot of the more materialistic culture is being left behind. Now don't get me wrong, if the experience was such that you vow to never ever use that bathing suit (m/f) again, all the more power to you. 
But it seems what's left behind has less to do with empowerment, but simple lame-ass laziness.

It's therefore really positive to see that there are persons out there who are willing to do more than their fare share in assisting in keeping Seljavallaug as natural as the mountains it's lies in, even though it's a man-made swimming bassin. 

The following comes from a simple instagram posting by vorusse and he shares this experience:
'I usually don't post any moral shit here since I usually don't care about the moral shit anyone else is writing - but here I go.....
Today I wanted to spend a few hours at Seljavallalaug, one of the oldest swimming pools of Iceland where I go quite often since I work around the corner. Today I saw the result of unorganised mass tourism... The changing rooms were so dirty and all drainages where clogged, the rooms were 15cm under water... I went back to my workplace, got all I thought I need to clean this shithole, took the tractor and drove back. After two hours I decided to make a picture of one room which is almost cleaned up and then a few afterwards....I found a lot of shit, literally... Diapers, condoms, tampons, piles of shit wrapped in towels (Thanks for that pleasant surprise) and about 15000 ISK [$125+] in coins and a Casio watch - both taken by some asshole who thought these things just lay around there....
There is no road going there, you hike up there for 15 minutes I get it but please take your trash with you... Thanks to the tourists who threw money into the donation box after seeing what horrible things I had to collect there. That one guy was so disgusted he threw 2000 ISK in the box....
Two huge trash bags were filled only with garbage and clothes from around the pool because some super assholes don't have the decency of assholes to throw the clothes in the corner of the changing room.... It took me five hours, just to have it cleaned a bit... Five fucking hours... It got dark already so I couldn't even relax in the pool, I had to go back... I offended the elves running around naked a few weeks ago, so they don't tolerate me anymore after sunset, true story.
Feel free to share with friends going to Iceland... Seljavallalaug is not a single case, other places are suffering too'.
And this is the accompanying photo with before / after pictures:

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A depressing note on what we call civilization with a silver lining on those individuals that seek to alter our habits and inspire others to do likewise. 
It would have been obscene not to share this with you. 

When soaking, use your brains: cleansing is for the soul, but nature is to be left pristine. Take out your garbage. Take out that of others. And heed this lesson and act on it everyday you can.

Started my trip with my first onsen and ended it with one. #wanderlust #adventure #offthebeatenpath #mysterious #pieceofheaven #onsen #hotspring #iceland #reykjavik #allgoodthingsmustcometoanend #tonewbeginnings #lifeinthenude

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