Friday, April 20, 2012

What's the sense of blogging about natural hot springs in Europe?

Well, soaking is revered all over the globe, none more so than in Europe. Traditions go back to ancient Greek and Roman times where bathing in hot springs were a revered part of aristocratic life. While history has evolved so has traditions and now most if not all natural hot springs have been sanitized, set in concrete, stratified, cleaised, well you get the gist.

Remaining though, on the fringes of Europe, are a number of natural hot springs which are as said natural. Tourists and locals alike enjoy their pleasure without the commercialism involved in the wellness temples of current days, enticing us to enjoy a natural soak, opening our wallet and leaving us subject to their versions of enjoyment.

So this blog will seek to find those hopefully as pristine as possible hot springs remaining, but not over-looking modern day thermae as well as highlighting bathing culture of those folks collectively known as Europeans.

Welcome to the Society of European natural hot springs!

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